About us


AfroMedias is an African association for media based in Kinshasa and whose objectives are:

  • media expertise;
  • Remote virtual training media personnel;
  • capacity building professional radio producers through a radio-school;
  • audiovisual production.

AfroMedias aims to be a platform:

  • dialogue and varied expression;
  • media expertise;
  • of increasing media pluralism in Congo Kinshasa and on the African continent;
  • online information;
  • E-learning: training virtual remote Congolese and African media.

Medium-term objectives of the association AfroMedias:

  • imminent creation of a radio school;
  • develop a partnership for training remote virtual media over the Internet;
  • implementation of a distribution network of audiovisual productions destined for the Internet community radios in Kinshasa and Congo on the continent.

Our team of Congolese and experienced partners in the media field, is fully available to conduct tests and advise you in your media projects